Friday, May 13, 2011

An appetizer

Since a good portion of the beginning of the book is available to view through Amazon and through the sample Kindle book, I thought I might post the occasional snippet of text from those sample sections, to give you an appetizer for the book. Here is today's snippet (from the introduction, p. 3):

"This is where The X-Files distinguishes itself among sci-fi television shows; in fact, Chris Carter has resisted labeling The X-Files as sci-fi because he always wanted the show to have a solid foundation in the reality of our present world. As he has often remarked, 'the show is only as scary as it is real.' Part of that reality is the acknowledgment that real people--real humans--have religious convictions and religious struggles. Unexplainable things happen in the real world, and many people attribute these events to the supernatural or divine."

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