Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rewatching the Entire Series

If you haven't yet launched into a rewatch of the entire X-Files series, it's not too late to start now! On July 4, many fans started a rewatch including all 202 episodes ("The Truth" originally aired as one episode but is numbered as two) and both movies, counting down to the premier of season 10 on January 24. On July 7, FOX initiated their own rewatch schedule, "201 Days of The X-Files," which treats the final episode as one and does not include the movies.

Now that our summer discussion series on The X-Files has concluded, I have posted my episode reviews for Miracle Man, Revelations, All Souls, Signs & Wonders, and Improbable. Over the next few months, I also intend to post reviews for Die Hand Die Verletzt, Gethsemane, Amor Fati, The Gift, and I Want to Believe. In light of the rewatch, I figure the best time to post each of these is on their day during the countdown. However, since the FOX schedule omits the movies, I'm going to follow the fan schedule that started on July 4.

Enjoy the rewatch!